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What Is The Real Value

What Is The Real Value of Working with Jones & Jones Painting

Because we place a lot of emphasis on clear communication and honesty, we thought we would share a little bit of information about our pricing. You see, while we do promise that we are one of the best painting companies you will find, we may not necessarily be the cheapest.

What Is The Real Value of Working with Jones & Jones Painting

Jones & Jones Paint is a reputable painting company known for its high-quality services and professionalism.

Why cheaper is not always better

There are plenty of painting companies out there who base all of their emphasis and marketing around their price tag. This might just work for them too, for a little while at least. After all, who doesn’t love a low price? But here is the crucial question: how does their work hold up?
Cheap prices are generally made possible by low wages, lower quality materials, and an interest in gaining one-time paychecks rather than clients for life. That is simply not a philosophy that we have any interest in. We decided a long time ago that it is better to charge a fair price, even if it is a little more, because it allows us to guarantee a quality painting project for the amount that was bid.
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What is built into our prices?

At Jones & Jones Paint, on the other hand, our prices provide: